In every branch of transportation, in line with the demands of our customers, with all our employees, suppliers and equipment, in order to meet their needs and expectations, with the experience, skills and meticulousness of our Group, in the shortest time, at the most affordable cost and in the most reliable way, both classical and modern transportation methods. Providing and producing services is our most important principle.

While providing and producing these services, we aim to implement the standards of our quality management system continuously, fully and on time. While advancing towards this goal, we are committed to complying with our determined service processes in order to maximize customer satisfaction, to follow their continuous improvement in order to ensure their effectiveness, and to immediately correct the parts that are disrupted or that may be disrupted.

In order to increase the knowledge of our employees on the Quality Management System and improve system performance, to manage our business processes effectively and to realize our goals, personnel training will continue at all levels of our Group, with a focus on continuous development in all activities that provide added value. Required personnel, facilities and resources will be kept ready for use in order to ensure effective Quality Management.

Akkon Shipping considers the happiness and job satisfaction of its employees as well as its customers, and knows that quality service comes from institutions and individuals who work and provide services happily. In addition, it believes that building and maintaining the trust of its customers, employees, suppliers and the society in which it operates is an indispensable element for the growth and continuity of the Groups success. To deserve this trust, we are determined to act in accordance with the standards set in our principles.