Land Transport

Our vision by establishing regular container lines is to be an indispensable and a reliable solution partner to our customers for resolving the complexities in an efficient and competitive way that they may confront within their supply chain. Based on this vision, we continue to be together with our customers on our new service routes which is necessary for our customers and add value to their supply chains.

Liner Services & Regular Container Lines

In addition to our unique maritime transport which is one of the most important parts of the supply chain, we target to resolve land transport matter in line with our customers’ desired standards. With our experienced team and with ‘we can do it together’ principle, we give our utmost attention to our customers’ land transportation matters and serve with our consciousness in terms of customer satisfaction and service integrity that land transport is an integral part of our sea transport activity. We are together with our customers taking the land miles and the distances as we are taking together at sea.

Depot Logistics

We give storage, cleaning, washing, repair, PTI and container stuffing services for our empty and full containers in the cities just next to the sea ports. Containers are undoubtedly the main carriers of the journey we are together with our customers. We give our utmost importance to maintain good condition of containers, renew them when necessary and present them in accordance with our customers’ cargo requirements.